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Text marketing startup Voxie raises $6.7M – TechCrunch

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Like many startups Atlanta-based Voxie was created to solve a problem that founder and CEO Bogdan Constantin faced himself. In Constantin’s case this was at his previous tuxedo rental startup Menguin (ultimately acquired by Generation Tux) where he said he had to market a product with a six-to-nine month sales cycle as customers were usually weighing different options for their weddings. Email marketing Constantin said would result “worse and worse” open rates over time. The challenge of course is having those kinds of text conversations across a large customer base. Constantin claimed that compared to other text marketing tools messages sent via Voxie feel like a real personalized conversation — even though 80% to 90% are actually automated with the rest of the messages written by people. Plus Voxie will allow businesses to send their messages from a normal 10-digit phone number (rather than the more common five-digit numbers used for marketing). Voxie was initially built for large enterprise customers but Constantin said that during the pandemic the company built a lower-cost version that is now being used by “a lot of retail restaurant franchise brands main street brands that are struggling right now.” He added “We’re working with brands that have hundreds of locations all over the country that needed a better way to engage their customers — to ask their names ask how many kids they have and store that information at the individual profile level.” Current Voxie customers include LG Danone Massage Heights and Buff City Soap. “Voxie leads the market as the only platform that allows brands to have personalized conversations with customers at scale which we believe will be key for its target customers to succeed in a post-COVID world ” said Noro-Moseley’s John Ale in a statement. “Businesses love Voxie as they see meaningful revenue uplift quickly and the personalization of the content means customers find the messages useful and highly relevant to their needs.”
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