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Veo raises $25M for AI-based cameras that record and analyze football and other

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But today, a startup that’s cracked open that model with an autonomous, AI -based camera that lets any team record, edit and distribute their games, is announcing a round of funding to build out its business targeting the long tail of sporting teams and fixtures. Second, it plans to continue enhancing the scope of its technology: The company started out optimising its computer vision software to record and track the matches for the most popular team sport in the world, football (soccer to U.S. readers), with customers buying the cameras β€” which retail for $800 β€” and the corresponding (mandatory) subscriptions β€” $1,200 annually β€” both to record games for spectators, as well as to use the footage for all kinds of practical purposes like training and recruitment videos. Pre-pandemic, the Danish startup was quietly building its business around catering to the long tail of sporting organizations which β€” even in the best of times β€” would be hard-pressed to find the funds to buy cameras and
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