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Designing Engineering Organizations

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Summary: the most effective teams are stable, multi-disciplinary, aligned to product delivery. Generally, product-aligned teams deliver better products more rapidly. It’s not always easy to build product-aligned teams, especially at scale. Stable teams are the norm within product organizations, while project-based teams are more common at consulting shops or within service organizations. This is why consulting organizations tend towards project teams: it’s nearly impossible to predict what sort of skill staffing your next client will need, so forming a new team for each new client can be worth the tradeoff in lost productivity. But, consulting orgs that can manage stable teams – e.g. by having a pool of teams, and having projects assigned to the most appropriate team – usually perform better. But even just within engineering, in a product-aligned team some teams could need staff with a pretty wide variety of skills - front-end, backend, mobile dev, etc. Product and Design are separate teams orgs, and those staff float and sometimes support multiple teams. So a single team might have backend and frontend developers, designers and product managers, content producers and editors – whatever might be needed to ship. For one, teams can get unwieldy: a complex product might require so many different skill-sets that it might require way too many people to form a single team. In a multi-disciplinary and
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