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These tiny $17

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Jupe is selling tiny prefab portable shelters. The 111 square-foot pods were designed by ex-Tesla, Airbnb, and SpaceX employees. They cost $17,500, and orders will start being fulfilled in March. Jupe is made of interconnected aluminum masts that provide support for the geometric shape that's designed to be reminiscent of an "interstellar shuttle.

Though it's only 111 square feet inside, Jupe feels surprisingly roomy, with 11 foot-tall ceilings. There's enough room for a queen-size bed, a desk, chair, and ottoman.

The floor also opens up into storage cubes, totaling more than 38 cubic feet of storage space.

Each unit comes with solar panels, a 200 Ah battery system, and WiFi router, with the option to add on dimmable LED lighting and a Sonos speaker with Alexa.

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