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Key Trends in EdgeAI

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Meet Our Panelists:

1. Dr. Subrat Panda is the VP of Engineering, AI, and Data Sciences in Capillary Technologies, a SaaS company in the retail space with a presence in India, China, SEA, and EMEA. He did his bachelor's and PhD in Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kharagpur. He has worked with Synops, IBM STG, Nvidia, and Taro -  a bay area based food tech startup He has also worked as a research consultant on various industry-sponsored projects in SRIC, IIT Kharagpur. He currently leads the AI and Data Sciences team at Capillary where he is applying AI to build products in 2 areas: a) Instore Intelligence through IoT and AI on Edge and the backend, b) Build AI products around Recommendation, Personalization, and Insights. He is an author of multiple patents and publications in international journals and conferences. He is a technology advisor and a mentor to multiple startups in multiple domains.

2.  Usha Rengaraju is India’s first women Kaggle Grandmaster and she is ranked as top ten Data Scientists in India for the year 2020 by Analytics India Magazine. She is Data Science Global Ambassador for HP and NVIDIA. She organised NeuroAI ( which is India’s first-ever research symposium in the interface of Neuroscience and Data Science. She specialises in Probabilistic Graphical Models, Machine Learning and Deep Learning. She has prepared curriculum for BITS Pilani’s masters in Data Science program (consumed by 20,000+ students ) and Upgrad’s PGP program in DS(consumed by 10,000+ students).

3. Dinesh Kumar with 35 years of experience has worked at ISRO and in Canada in Technology MNCs.  He has a Bachelor’s degree in Electronics Engineering and MBA from the University of Manchester. He has worked at ISRO and was the original designer of On-Board Computer and CCD Cameras for Indian Remote Sensing Satellites. He has published several papers in international journals including IEEE.  While working at a technology MNC, he has established a Video Business Unit in India and grew it into of multi-million dollar business Having worked in the embedded vision field throughout his career in various capacities, currently, he is building and manufacturing cutting edge computing products and applications at M/s. BEQ from Bengaluru.

4. Kevin Chiang, Founder & CEO of DP Smart Technology MSEE, Arizona State University  Serial Entrepreneur  1st startup 16 years(2002-2017), ODM business in the digital imaging industry  2nd startup 2 years(2019-2020), OBM business in 360° live streaming camera.

Moderator: Kiran Rudrappa, a serial entrepreneur, innovator and ideamarketer with 32 years of experience is passionate about creating ideas with a purpose and turning them into high growth businesses

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