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Webinar on Industrial IoT Security

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#Announcement(Startup) #Event #Webinar [ via IoTGroup ] #City : Virtual #Organizer : TiE IoTForum #StartDateTime : 29 Oct 2020 17:00

Join us as we discuss key changes in the security environment of Industrial IoT segment: Architecture, Technology, Business Environment & Operational Environment.  The session will cover the following:

1. A brief overview of key changes in the Industrial IoT in the last one year. The changes should be categorised into: architecture, technology, business environment and operational environment

2. Changes in the security environment due to changes as discussed in point 1. This should be discussed in the context of: changes in threat landscape, impact of a successful attack emphasising on the changing geo-political situation.

3. Attack surface, TTPs, of recent attacks - use case study to explain

4. Countermeasures. This should be discussed in the context of: standards, best practices, technology

5. What would be the focus area of IIOT security (both from attacker and defender point of view) in next one year.

6. Summary presentation and action points

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