IoTMatrix 2020 Session 18 - The Transformational Role of IoT & AI in Healthcare

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Session Blog. See overview at  IoTMATRIX 2020 Conference Summary

Fireside Chat Participants -
Srikant Sastri  -(Global task force to design and manufacture intrusive ventilator for India) IIT-K/DST/MoH/HNIs  in conversation With Vijaya Kumar Ivaturi  (IVK) , Co-founder & CTO, Crayon Data 


This is journey of at team that went on to design and manufacture India’s first intrusive ventilator. The story begins with the government of India calling India’s premier technology institutes to build a high quality and affordable world class intrusive ventilator to counter the shortfall arose due to the Covid 19 pandemic.

This call was answered by IIT Kanpur through its incubator in getting together a team of 20 stalwarts who were alumni, startup founders, CEO’s, supply chain expert, legal and regulatory expert, students, ex-govt officials, faculty members and all in the age range of 73 to 23 years.  

Here comes a self-volunteered robotics company that expressed their willingness to build and manufacture this medical device.   

The task force had never met or known each other before and all were connected by one noble cause and then all the connections happened over Zoom calls.

The team says it was a design by accident and the skill gaps were filled by collaborating. The team followed a 3 pillar strategy.

First Pillar - External team of experts 

Second Pillar - Startup Founders

Third Pillar - team of youngsters who interfaced between the first and third pillar.

Some of the learnings during this journey,

  • To do documentation at each and every step
  • Agreeing on common cause through discussions and deliberations
  • Collaboration between academia, industry and government agencies
  • In today’s situation location doesn’t matter to develop or collaborate on any product design, development or manufacturing 
  • How to work with diverse team in remote environment
  • Pricing a product thru various iterations 
  • How to scale faster with a combination of self manufacturing and thru licensing 
  • Working groups with right mix of talent and experience is essential for every team to succeed 

Finally, the ventilator which otherwise would have taken anywhere between 18-24 months was ready in 82 days against a target on 90 days.

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